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How Should Society Correct Social Injustice?
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What, then, should society do to rid itself of systematic injustice?

The answer: When dealing with cultural problems, think outside political and religious boundaries. Think "outside the box".


A. In the political arena, including the polls, do not support political bills which call for the sacrifice or persecution of others. If it helps you to see that these bills are, by definition, authored solely to satisfy political or sectarian aims of a political action group, then look for that connection.

Do not support passage or advocacy of bills under which some stand to benefit at the expense of others, even if you stand to benefit.

It is insane that we have in this country thousands of splinter groups supporting gay rights, black rights, gun rights, pilot's rights, smoker's rights or the rights of the elderly. Yet each group sees itself as competing for a share of the same static quantity of "rights", as if rights were a consumable, non-replenishable resource, and so we have practically no groups dedicated to the promotion and defense of all rights.

B. In the cultural arena, do not support cultural movements or advocacies which exploit differences between cultural groups to foster distrust or hatred. Support those groups which foster mutual understanding and support. Form principled ethical standards, stick to them, and support the causes you believe in -- but do not attack the right of others to form their own, similar allegiances.

Do not attack the rights of others in the name of securing them for yourself and your affinity group.

C. In the religious or spiritual arena, whatever your conviction, practice the Golden Rule as it applies to yourself, and allow others the freedom to practice the Golden Rule as they see fit, too. We are all guaranteed religious freedom -- which means the freedom to disagree, and the freedom to be left alone.

"Live and let live" is a good guideline for spiritual judgement. Judge, and prepare to be judged, but do not tolerate the advocacy of laws which call for the denigration, persecution, defamation or prosecution of others simply because you do not approve.

In all these arenas, speak out against injustice against others as you would injustice against yourselves. If you do not defend justice, not only could injustice happen to you, it will.

Notice that in this whole discussion there is not one mention of what "they" should do. The presumption here is that you, as individuals, are calling the shots at the ballot box, opinion polls and dollar vote.

The presumption is that if there is anything left that "they" should be doing, it's never been adequate, and there's no reason to expect that it will become adequate in our lifetimes.


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