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The law shouldn't "sanction" gay lifestyles.
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I believe that granting homosexuals equal rights is tantamount to sanctioning their practices, to which I am opposed.


The answer: This is not a question.

In the first place, basic citizenship rights are not yours to give or take away. You should re-examine this premise. Ask how well your own citizenship rights might work for you if they were constantly subject to popular votes and opinion polls.

Secondly, whatever you believe "their practices" to be, you are engaged in class stereotyping, which is directly within your power to control. You are also misinformed, which unfortunately is not so easy to control.

Your point is that you think the world is interested in hearing your personal views on others' private affairs because you have some kind of religious mandate to express them. It's high time you be disabused of this antisocial behavior.

You see, there is an enormous presumptuousness in second-guessing the most intimate expressions of people you don't even know. Chances are, you have never known a gay or lesbian person you liked. You have met and liked them, but you didn't know they were gay.

Our point is that it's simply immaterial whether you believe that each group living under the umbrella of civil liberties is enjoying the "sanction" of a favored class of people who are free to grant or withhold human rights. That's simply not true.

Gays and other minorities are not asking for your "sanction" and do not need it. We have already established that they already have the full complement of civil liberties which you fancy yourself as enjoying. We are insisting that the law finally be directed, specifically, to enforce equal protection of those liberties.


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