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What are Hate Crimes?
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Hate crimes are motivated by bias against an individual's actual or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender. Examples include assault and battery, vandalism, or threats which involve bias indicators-pieces of evidence like bigoted name-calling or graffiti. A hate crime is a civil rights violation under Massachusetts law and, in some cases, federal law. Hate crimes are not only crimes against the targeted victim, but also against a particular group as a whole. Hate crimes are attacks on communities.

Source: Stop The Hate


"Isn't any crime a hate crime?"

No, if the victim was not selected on the basis of a targeted group, it was not a hate crime. That does not mean other murders are less horrible or less important. It means there are still target groups which are not being protected equally by existing law because of persistence of belief, by some people, that these singled-out groups are not as important under the law.

Not everybody agrees with the view that more than one crime may be committed when a person is singled out for murder solely on the basis of race, color, creed or sexual orientation.

If all other things were equal, defining special legal sanctions and means of prosecuting crimes against minority target groups would, surely, be favoritism. The rationale for hate crime laws is recognition that the existing laws clearly are not deterring high incidences of crime against specific target groups.

When those target groups are victimized at a much higher incidence than the population as a whole, it is only moral for the law to recogize the problem. This does not define or create a "special right". It addresses a specific, pre-existing problem.

This would all be easier to understand if you were already a member of a class with a much greater likelihood of being attacked or murdered.

The following statement about victims of murder is easy to understand. It is also a good argument why, if African-Americans and gays are singled out for beatings and murder at a much higher rate than other Americans, the law needs not only equal justice for the deceased, but equal preventative measures.

Maggie Elvey, 57, of the Doris Tate Crime Victims Bureau in Sacramento, takes exception with that view. Two teens -- age 15 and 16 -- jumped her husband, Ross, in April 1993, while they were robbing his business, then beat him to death with a metal pipe.

"Every murder is just as brutal, just as traumatizing on the survivors,'' Elvey noted. "All of the people who are victims of murder are equal.''

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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