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ABOUT THIS COLLECTION: Despite the name, this possessive pronoun Alex's belongs to Alex, the collector of recipes and happy diner, not to those genuine chefs who created these grand treats. Most of these are someone's old family favorites, whether originals or discovered elsewhere, and many bear the name of the person who did create them.

The one or two recipes I "created" appear first only because of alphabetical sort -- but I'm kinda pleased with them, and they sure taste good. That they're mine is the ultimate proof that good cooking isn't an arcane profession for a chosen few (like diamond splitting).

We can leave it to Julia Child to tell us what good cooking is. We can leave it to artsy-craftsy types to tell us what good cooking looks like. This motley collection is dedicated to the idea that most of us can best determine for ourselves what good cooking tastes like.

Recipe collections are a dime a dozen. There are 66, nope, 67 recipes assembled here -- Nope, way more'n that. If you read ten, save two, and cook one, the purpose of assembling these is satisfied, and, presumably, you will be too.

You'll find more than a couple of recipes from our "Refrigerator Magnet Collection" - off soup cans, cardboard boxes, newspaper clippings. These have become staple favorites!

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ABOUT THIS COLLECTION: The "Alex's Recipes 3.0" collection started out as 65 recipes in an Apple HyperCard stack, circa 1991. (The "3.0" is final tribute to the release version of a custom, self-indexing project we developed for storage and sharing of large archive collections.)

That project, called HyperBulletin, was an extraordinary implementation of the once-popular HyperCard application. It would have been kick-ass in C++, but this "release version" was never released to join its almost-famous twin, HyperAddresses, in the shareware forums of the day.

In 1995 , the recipes were exported and marked up by hand to HTML as one long, single scrolling page. In 1998, we finally had to break it out into separate recipe pages, 'cause the page just got too long. But the recipes haven't changed.

In 1999 , we added a "Try These" department to catch up on the recipes we hadn't tried yet.

In 2000 , we added a frames Recipes browser, and some special Search and Index features. The index is automatic, and appears in the left frame panel . The green search button lets you do a custom search by keyword anywhere in the Recipes department.

For 2003 , we're putting the recipes into a more attractrive format which will also support search and filters by category. We're up to 199 recipes, and you might become the 10,000th visitor!

For 2009, we're gradually phasing out all our old "frames" browsers ("hey, what page am I on, and how do I get back?") in favor of a new and cleaner way of browsing all your page content from the same window space. We're up to 16,467 visitors (March 2009), but you're not sending in new recipes?

It's somewhat gratifying to me that web browser advances bring us back closer to this project's HyperCard roots. We could put the whole thing into a searchable database, and deliver it by spilling a jumbo table onto the html page. The whole point of the web is to be able to browse a large selection of objects without jumping through hoops. Everything's here in this one space. We like it better this way.

RECIPES Organization:

  • There is only one RECIPES directory, and you are in it now.
  • Recipes from the 1999 "Try These" directories have been combined into this directory. Look for the phrase "Try These" in the upper right page corner

How To Submit your Favorite Recipes:

  • You don't have to retype them just for us. Send us what you have. We'll have to format it for the web anyway.
  • Generally, if it doesn't look like a recipe is public domain or from a personal favorites collection, we shouldn't post it here. Telling us where you found a recipe will help us decide whether we can post it. Of course, we can still cook it!
  • Let us know where you got it. If it's been sitting in a recipes box for years and years, and you just can't remember who gave it to you, so much the better! Tell us that.
  • Let us know what you thought of the recipe.
  • Tell us how you'd like your "sent to us by ..." info to be posted. Mary, Mary Walker, MsMary123 and "anon" are all fine with us. We do not publish an email address unless you emphatically ask us to.
  • How to do this: use the "Write Us" button below to send me a message. Give me your real email. I'll reply with my real email address. Thanks!

RECIPES has always been our most popular feature at We appreciate the honor of your visits to our collection, and your suggestions are always welcome. Thanks!

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